Application Research of 6N137 High-Speed Optocouplerin Concrete Block Machine
DOI: 10.12677/MET.2013.24032, PDF, HTML, 下载: 2,339  浏览: 7,251  科研立项经费支持
作者: 黄海秋, 曾盛绰, 周文景, 杨德沛:广西大学机械工程学院,南宁
关键词: 光耦砌块机模块化设计 Optocoupler; Block Machine; Modular Design
摘要: 在控制系统的设计中,模块化设计越来越多的应用到工程实践中,使用光耦将各模块之间进行隔离,可使得各模块之间既独立工作又可使信号有效传输。在模块因功能、器件、成本等原因需更新换代时,只需对单独模块修改和设计,减少了产品的开发设计的时间,使得工作效率提高。
Abstract: Modular design is more and more applied to engineering practice in control system designing. Optocoupler was used for making each module working independently and making effective signal transmission. The module needs to be upgraded because of function, device, costing and other reasons. In this situation, we only need to modify and design the single module so that it could reduce the product development time and improve the work efficiency.
文章引用:黄海秋, 曾盛绰, 周文景, 杨德沛. 6N137高速光耦在混凝土砌块机上的应用研究[J]. 机械工程与技术, 2013, 2(4): 168-171. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/MET.2013.24032