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    The Insight into the Operating Mode of Classification Information Websites the

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陈 静,唐方方,付 翔:北京大学国家发展研究院,北京

分类信息网站同城管理58团购 Classified Information Websites; City Management; The 58 Group Purchase


 Classified information websites in China have been grown rapidly since 2005. The websites have gained widespread popularity by providing personalized and accurate service for the majority of Internet users through the subdivision and restructuring of Internet information resources. This text discusses the operation mode of the which is the nation’s largest classified information website at present. We will deeply analyze the emergence, the management mode and development course of it. Through accurate comparison, we analyze the cause of transformation failure and deeply explore what’s behind.

陈静, 唐方方, 付翔. 分类信息网站58同城的运营模式探析[J]. 现代市场营销, 2014, 4(1): 29-35.