MSE  >> Vol. 3 No. 1 (March 2014)

    On-Line Measurement and Control Methods Research for Circumference of Cigarette Filter Tip

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滤棒圆周在线估计假设检验功效函数Circumference of Cigarette Filter Tip; On-Line Measurement; Hypothesis Test; Power Function


本文实证研究发现:1) 只需要在KDF2滤棒生产线上垂直安装四台激光感应器,测量滤棒四个入射角直径,就能实现滤棒圆周的在线估计;2) 通过区间假设检验、功效函数设计,可以科学地判定烟滤棒圆周是否在标准范围内。本文提出的控制方法对卷烟企业具有借鉴意义。

Through an empirical study of this paper, it is concluded that: 1) on-line measurement of cigarette filter tip can be achieved by installing four laser sensors perpendicularly on the KDF2 cigarette filter tip production line and measuring diameter of these four angles of incidence of cigarette filter tip; 2) whether the circumference of filter tip is reaching the standard criteria can be adjudged scientifically by using interval hypothesis test. Furthermore, the control method presented in this paper can be used for reference for cigarette enterprises.

冯金良, 衷志刚, 孙成顺, 王展生, 李兴绪. 滤棒圆周在线估计及控制方法研究[J]. 管理科学与工程, 2014, 3(1): 9-15.