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    Inherent Logic Implication of Marx’s Thought of Human Happiness

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马克思人类幸福思想现实的个人实践的活动自由自觉的活动市民社会共产主义社会Marx; Human Happiness Thought; Real Individual; Practical Activities; Free and Conscious Activity; Civil Society; Communist Society



The ultimate value pursuit of Marxist philosophy is to achieve human freedom and comprehensive development. It is also the ultimate concern for human nature and happiness confirmed by Marx This article will dig deep into the inherent logic implication of Marx’s thought of human happiness through the basic viewpoints of historical materialism. This article will first start from the real in- dividual practice to establish existence and production of history and to grasp the premise existence and realistic foundation of thought of human happiness, and then will make in-depth analysis of human nature alienation and human labor alienation under conditions of private owner- ship of capitalist society, sublating alienation and eliminating people’s misfortune. Finally we make a conclusion that only under the ideal communist society can we restore human nature and human happiness.

王汉华. 马克思人类幸福思想的内在逻辑蕴涵[J]. 哲学进展, 2014, 3(1): 20-25.