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    The Applications of Organic Rankine Cycle in Low-Grade Industrial Waste Heat Recovery

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刘 奎,陈延品,高 丰,李天全,刘新刚,李丽霞:辰欣药业股份有限公司,济宁;

有机朗肯循环余热回收热力学分析Organic Rankine Cycle; Waste Heat Recovery; Thermodynamics Analysis



Most of the waste heat has not been properly used word-widely. The Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) is considered to be the most efficient way for mid-low grade thermal energy recoveries. Following a brief introduction of the operating principle and working fluid selection, a thermodynamic analysis is performed for the waste heat power generation using ORC for a pharmaceutical enterprise. The results show that the low-grade waste heat recovery using ORC will be helpful to save energy and to reduce the thermal emissions to the environment.

刘奎, 陈延品, 高丰, 李天全, 刘新刚, 李丽霞, 孔祥领, 李雪芳. 有机朗肯循环在工业低品味余热回收中的应用[J]. 可持续能源, 2014, 4(1): 1-4.


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