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    The Study of Positive Affect to Cooperation Learning

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正面思考知识分享合作学习Positive Affect Knowledge Sharing Cooperation Learning


专题制作课程,已经是各商管群大学生大三、大四必修课程,可以看出,学校非常注重专题制作课程所能带给学生统整性的学习历程。本研究是着重在高中职端第一次进行的专题制作课程。专题课程是一门以学生为主体的课程,藉由合作学习教学方式让学生运用本身专业能力、培养寻找资源能力、增加沟通能力及建立团队意识。本研究是以高中职二、三年级正在修习或是已修习之学生为填写对象,探讨小组成员的正面思考、伙伴关系质量对专题制作知识效用之影响。研究结果发现:1) 思考模式会会正向影响伙伴关系;2) 伙伴信任会正向影响A型知识分享意愿人格;3) 伙伴信任会正向影响B型知识分享意愿人格;4) A型知识分享意愿人格会正向影响专题制作知识效用;5) B型知识分享意愿人格会正向影响专题制作知识效用。

Project-based learning is an essential teaching approach in commercial and management course. Most of this approach was included in vocational high schools to develop students’ cooperative attitude and knowledge application. The present study therefore was to explore how thinking style differ students’ knowledge sharing types, mediated by the trust others, in terms of “positive affect” can predict differ knowledge sharing attitude and reflect to perceived knowledge learning from others. Data of 294 from vocational high school students were subjected to confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. The results of this study showed that positive affect was positively correlated to trust others. Trust others were positively correlated to two types of knowledge sharing. Finally, two types were positively associated with knowledge learning from others. The implications of this study suggested that teachers might encourage students to have more optimum thinking, then to enhance the effectiveness of cooperation. 

柯宜廷. 正面思考对于伙伴关系运用于合作学习之影响[J]. 教育进展, 2014, 4(3): 58-62.