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    New Progresses of Multicomponent Reactions Based on Isocyanides

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靳文静,韩 光,何心伟,胡 凯,商永嘉:安徽师范大学,化学与材料科学学院,功能分子固体教育部重点实验室,芜湖

异腈多组分反应组合化学杂环化合物Isocyanides Multicomponent Reactions Combinational Chemistry Heterocyclic Compounds



This paper reviewed the new progresses of the multicomponent reactions based on isocyanides to synthesize the heterocyclic compounds, and mainly introduced some new reactions of the Ugi multicomponent reactions. The request of substrates, reaction conditions, selectivity, yield and mechanism were investigated in detail. Meanwhile, a brief introduction of some new Passerini multicomponent reactions was given. New breakthroughs in this field were intensely expected.

靳文静, 韩光, 何心伟, 胡凯, 商永嘉. 异腈参与的多组分反应新进展[J]. 合成化学研究, 2014, 2(1): 11-22.


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