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    Modified Algorithms of the LZ77 Data Compression

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无损压缩字典编码LZ77压缩算法散列表Lossless Compression Codeword Encoding LZ77 Compression Algorithm Hash Table



Every day much information is transmitted in such forms as images, sounds and texts. These data of images and sounds are particularly large and need an efficient compression method. The LZ77 algorithm is one of the most effective compression algorithms. In this paper, two new algorithms are given in order to improve the performance of the original LZ77 algorithm. One is to check whether it can get the longest match before matching, and the other is to save the longest common prefix of the adjacent strings in the list to improve the efficiency. It is proved that the two new algorithms achieve the expectation after a comparative analysis with other versions of the LZ compression algorithms.

黄健骏, 姜正禄. 改进的LZ77数据压缩算法[J]. 软件工程与应用, 2014, 3(3): 50-56.


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