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A Review on the Advances in Catchment Hydrological Experiments under Changing Environment

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作者: 韩小乐, 张文平:河海大学水文水资源学院,南京;刘金涛:河海大学水文水资源学院,南京;河海大学水文水资源与水利工程科学国家重点实验室,南京

关键词: 水文实验实验流域变化环境关键带观测计划Hydrological Experiment Experimental Catchment Changing Environment Critical Zone Observatory

摘要: 本文探讨了变化环境下流域水文实验的发展问题。论文首先对国内外水文实验的发展历程进行了回顾,概述了水文实验由单一要素水文观测,发展到系统的流域水文实验,再到整合地球物理化学等多学科的综合观测计划(如CZOs)的过程。在此基础上,剖析了我国流域水文实验的发展现状,认为现阶段流域水文实验在规范性、数据共享及学科交叉等方面存在欠缺,在变化环境背景下,已不能满足社会经济发展要求。最后指出,多学科交叉的流域实验研究有助于提高我们认知并预测变化环境下的自然演化过程及其影响,是未来水文实验观测的发展趋势。为此,我们需要协调理论与实验观测、鼓励学科交叉研究以发展先进实验理念,进一步规范数据观测,积极加入国际地球物理化学领域的观测计划,从而扩大成果产出及影响。
Abstract: This paper discussed the development of hydrological experiment under changing environment. Firstly, through reviewing the development history of hydrological experiment, we summarized the development history of hydrological experiment from the single hydrological element observations to systematic study of the hydrological experiment, then to the synthesized experiment plan (e.g. CZOs). Based on these, we described the present state of catchment hydrological experiments in China. It is shown that hydrological experiments have deficiencies in standards, data-sharing, and the interdisciplinary researches in China. Under the changing environment, hydrological experiments have been unable to meet the need of social economy development. Thus this paper has discussed the trend of future. We argued that theoretical, interdisciplinary researches should be adopted by experimental observations, which should be more standardized and be one part of the international observation plans.

文章引用: 韩小乐, 刘金涛, 张文平. 变化环境下流域水文实验的发展述评[J]. 水资源研究, 2014, 3(3): 240-246. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2014.33030


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