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    Analysis of Influence Factors of Rural Residence Transformation on Residential Energy Consumption

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SolvangWei Deng :纳尔维克工学院,纳尔维克

农村住宅能源消费节能改造因素分析Rural Residence Energy Consumption Energy-Saving Transformation Factor Analysis



The problem of rural energy consumption in China is an important issue whether China can develop sustainably. Through investigation, we have collected the data of Beijing rural residential energy consumption and rural residence transformation, then we adopt correlation analysis and factorial analysis to screen and extract the variable information affecting energy consumption, and finally figure out the correlation degree between peasant household residential energy consumption and influence factors. The results show that the family population is a major influence factor of residential energy consumption, and the energy-saving transformation can effectively reduce the energy consumption quantity of peasant household, as well as that the government support remarkably promotes the reduction of usage amount of straw/firewood.

索晨霞, 杨勇, SolvangWei Deng. 农村民居改造对生活能源消费影响因素分析[J]. 现代管理, 2014, 4(2): 21-28.


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