GST  >> Vol. 2 No. 3 (July 2014)

    Study on a New Method for Typical Deformation Monitoring Projects and Its Applications

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测量机器人混合基点网多点强制自由设站边角交会法自动化变形测量系统Georobot Mixed Base-Point Network Multipoint Compulsory Free Station Linear-Angular Intersection Method Automated Deformation Measurement System


According to the actual situation of high-formwork engineering and large deformation monitoring in Guangzhou subway, this paper studies the new method of monitoring based on measuring the deformation of a robot, that is a mixed base-point network method and multi-point & compulsory free-station linear-angular intersection method, and it was successfully applied to a number of typical projects. Practice has proved that the method is both simple with high degree automation. At the same time, monitoring accuracy can meet the requirements of a variety of typical deforma- tion warning works.

梁龙昌, 卢松耀, 卢凌燕. 典型工程变形监测的一种新方法及应用研究[J]. 测绘科学技术, 2014, 2(3): 31-36.