Analysis of IF Steel RH Ultra-Low Carbon Treatment Factors
DOI: 10.12677/MEng.2014.12007, PDF, HTML, 下载: 2,514  浏览: 6,835 
作者: 温继勇:宝钢股份设备部,上海;任胜瑜:宝钢人才开发院,上海
关键词: IF钢RH碳含量IF Steel RH Carbon Content
摘要: 本文结合宝钢炼钢厂RH生产IF钢的生产实践,分析IF钢的脱碳热力学和动力学条件,进一步阐述为降低成品[C]而采取的措施,为大批量生产极低碳钢提供指导。
Abstract: This paper, combining with the production practice of steelmaking plant of Baosteel RH production of IF steel, analyzed thermodynamics and dynamics conditions of IF steel decarburization, and further elaborated the measures taken to reduce finished [C], to provide guidance for the mass production of ultra-low carbon steel.
文章引用:温继勇, 任胜瑜. IF钢RH超低碳处理影响因素分析[J]. 冶金工程, 2014, 1(2): 40-48. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/MEng.2014.12007