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    Analysis of 60 Cases of Acute Cholecystitis Treatment for the Elderly

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老年人急性胆囊炎手术治疗保守治疗腹腔镜胆囊切除术The Elderly Acute Cholecystitis Surgical Treatment Conservative Treatment Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


目的:对老年人患急性胆囊炎的手术治疗及保守治疗结果进行分析。方法:选择急性胆囊炎老年患者60例,随机分成两组,保守组30例,进行保守治疗;手术组30例,进行手术治疗,对比两组患者的临床治疗效果。结果:手术组患者临床症状缓解时间、住院治疗时间、患者满意度均显著高于保守治疗组患者,差异具有统计学意义(P < 0.05),两组患者均未导致不良并发症。结论:针对我院患急性胆囊炎老年者,应根据实际病情及病情发展进行及时必要的手术治疗,可明显缩短患者临床症状缓解时间和住院治疗时间,明显改善患者的生活质量。

Objective: To analyze the surgical treatment of acute cholecystitis for the elderly and the conserv-ative treatment results. Methods: 60 senile patients with acute cholecystitis were selected, ran-domly divided into two groups: 30 cases of conservative treatment, 30 cases of surgical treatment. The clinical therapeutic effects of the two groups were compared. Results: Remission time of clinical symptoms, hospitalization time, and satisfaction of the patients with surgical treatment were significantly higher than those of the patients with conservative treatment. The difference was statistically significant (P < 0.05). All patients of the two groups did not have undesirable compli-cations. Conclusion: To the elderly patients of acute cholecystitis in our hospital, surgical treatment should be done timely and necessarily according to the actual condition and illness development, which can obviously shorten the time of patients’ clinical symptoms and hospitalization, and improve the life quality of the patients.

张永辉, 朱月明, 魏淑强, 赵江涛. 老年人急性胆囊炎的60例治疗分析[J]. 老龄化研究, 2014, 1(2): 45-47.