JWRR  >> Vol. 3 No. 6 (December 2014)

    Analysis of Water Balance in Poyang Lake Area

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黄 燕,吕孙云,郭海晋,徐高洪:长江水利委员会水文局,武汉

鄱阳湖水量平衡平原水网区Poyang Lake Water Balance Plain Area Water Network



This study took the current research status of water balance in the Poyang Lake area and previous research experiences as reference to explore the analysis method of universal significance on water balance, focused on the research of different standard problems on water balance, and found out the criterion and standard of hydrologic balance. The reasons and level of the influences on water balance were analyzed based on combining the terrain and lake water systems, and the flow characteristics and hydrological survey status. Finally, according to different affecting factors and types of data, reasonable water yield series were obtained through carrying out different methods to revise the imbalance problems. Boyang River basin of the Poyang Lake area was selected as typical basin to be analyzed in details, and considerable results were obtained.

黄燕, 吕孙云, 郭海晋, 徐高洪. 鄱阳湖区水量平衡分析[J]. 水资源研究, 2014, 3(6): 458-464. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2014.36056


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