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    A Study of Anti-Disproportionation System of Dichlorosilane

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王洪光,张艳春,李 锋,邵 枫,冯 雷,白竟超:国电内蒙古晶阳能源有限公司,内蒙古 鄂尔多斯

反歧化转化率经济效益Anti-Disproportionation Conversion Rate Economic Efficiency


本文介绍反歧化系统,利用合成氯硅烷及还原尾气中的二氯硅烷,与回收四氯硅烷反应制备三氯氢硅,二氯硅烷转化率 > 95%,既有效解决生产过程中,安全环保的问题,又降低生产成本,增加企业经济效益。

This paper describes an anti-disproportionation system which prepares trichlorosilane by using synthetic chlorosilane, reducing exhaust dichlorosilane, and the recycled silicon tetrachloride. The conversion rate of dichlorosilane reaction was more than 95%, which could not only effectively solute the safety and environmental issues in production process, but also reduce production costs and increase economic efficiency of enterprises.

王洪光, 张艳春, 李锋, 邵枫, 冯雷, 白竟超. 二氯二氢硅反歧化系统试验研究[J]. 化学工程与技术, 2015, 5(1): 1-5. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJCET.2015.51001