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    The Study of Supply Chain Operation and Profitability under Demand Risk and Exchange Rate Risk

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杜 娟:1电子科技大学经济与管理学院,四川 成都 2西南科技大学经济管理学院,四川 绵阳;
倪得兵,唐小我:电子科技大学经济与管理学院,四川 成都

Supply Chain Risk Management
Wholesale Price Contract Risk Hedging



This paper focuses on a global supply chain facing with the exchange rate risk and the demand risk, calculates the equilibrium of the dynamic game model between the manufacturer and the retailer, and investigates how these two risks influence the supply chain node firm’s profitability via numerical analysis. The results show that the variance and the expectation of the manufacturer’s profits decrease in those two kinds of uncertainties, but the variance and the expectation of the retailer’s profits increase.

杜娟, 倪得兵, 唐小我. 需求和汇率风险下的供应链运作与收益研究[J]. 管理科学与工程, 2015, 4(1): 6-12.


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