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    The Selection and Performance Evaluation of the Scale Inhibitor for a Nanhai Oilfield

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张 浩,阚涛涛:中海油能源发展股份有限公司工程技术分公司,天津

防垢剂防垢率性能评价Scale Inhibitor Anti-Scaling Rate Performance Evaluation


针对南海某油田生产水回注存在的结垢问题,本文作者通过室内模拟水用沉淀重量法考察了几种防垢剂的防垢效果。在90℃作用24小时条件下,防垢剂HYFC-027、HYFC-074、YFFG-037具有较优的防垢效率,在加药浓度30 mg/L时,防垢率可以达到85%以上。通过自腐蚀实验和老化试验,三种防垢剂防垢效果稳定,尤其是对204不锈钢材质没有腐蚀现象。

Refer to the scaling issue that is caused by produced water reinjection in an oilfield in South China Sea, the effects of several scale inhibitors have been examined by the precipitation gravimetric method using indoor simulated water. Under the conditions of 90˚C for 24 hours, scale inhibitor HYFC-027, HYFC-074, YFFG-037 have better scale efficiency. When the dosing concentration is 30 mg/L, the scale rate can reach 85%. By corrosion experiments and aging tests, all three scale in-hibitors are stable and have no corrosion phenomenon, especially for the 204 stainless steel.

张浩, 阚涛涛. 南海某油田防垢剂筛选与性能评价[J]. 化学工程与技术, 2015, 5(3): 47-52. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJCET.2015.53008