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    Analysis of Eight Consecutive Years of University Freshmen Psychological Evaluation of Gender Differences

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陈丹文:江汉大学教育学院,湖北 武汉

大学新生心理测评性别差异University Freshmen Psychological Evaluation Gender Differences



This essay collects the successive statistics of freshmen’s psychological tests in Jianghan University from 2007 to 2014 and analyzes them through independent sample t test method. The conclusion of significant gender differences in university students in somatization, compulsion, depression, anxiety, terror, paranoia, and psycho has come out while the cause is analyzed, pointing out that university counselors should pay more attention to female college students in order to achieve the goal of “gender education”. This indicates the direction of psychological health education for university students in the future.

陈丹文 (2015). 连续八年大学新生心理测评性别差异分析. 心理学进展, 5(5), 6-11. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/AP.2015.55B002