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    Philology Analysis of Scientific Research Present Situation of Table Tennis —Based on the Inspection of the Recent 5 Years Sports Core Journals

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体育类核心期刊乒乓球运动科研现状发展趋势Sports Core Journals Table Tennis Research Situation Development Trend



Using the methods of literature, metrology and logic analysis, 146 articles about table tennis pub-lished in the 13 kinds of Chinese physical core journals from 2010 to 2014 were analyzed. The re-sults show that: the number of papers published is increasing every year; the main carriers of the published papers are the journals of sports colleges and universities; most of the papers are com-pleted by two or more, which indicates an enhancing sense of cooperation, but the number of the authors with high professional titles is limited; the themes of these literatures have a certain de-gree of depth and breadth in distribution, and the research, which combines the sport of table tennis with other subjects, such as sports medicine, physiology and sociology, has the certain pro- gress, but relatively, the achievements are so few; the content focuses more on the skills, education and training, but less on the psychological skills training, scientific selection, umpires and the research of rules, especially in the organization and management of the group, and the values, culture and communication of the sport. Increasing the popularity and research on the fit-keeping effect of table tennis while promoting research on the development of competitive sports, and ex-ploring some efficient and scientifically rational development models more actively may be helpful to achieve the goal of "third venture" of table tennis and promote the process of its globalization.

胡海涛, 李荣芝. 乒乓球运动科研现状的文献学分析—基于近5年体育类核心期刊考察[J]. 体育科学进展, 2015, 3(2): 7-14. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/APS.2015.32002