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    Tribological Properties of the V Ion Doped TiO2 Film Obtained by Sol-Gel Method

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张明星,王艳艳,曹 磊,万 勇:青岛理工大学机械学院,山东 青岛

TiO2钒参杂摩擦学性能溶胶凝胶法TiO2 V Ion Doped Tribological Properties Sol-Gel Method


使用溶胶凝胶法在普通玻璃基体上制备了不同质量分数的钒参杂的TiO2薄膜,利用扫描电子显微镜,X射线衍射仪和接触角测量仪对薄膜的表面形貌,晶体结构及表面能进行了表征,并用摩擦磨损实验机评价了薄膜的摩擦学性能。结果表明,V掺杂的TiO2薄膜具有较好的减摩及耐磨性能,特别是5% V-TiO2薄膜的接触角最大且摩擦学性能最好。

The TiO2 thin film doped by different mass fraction of metal V ion was prepared on simple glass surface via a sol-gel method. Scanning electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction spectroscopy and contact angle measuring instrument were used to analyze the morphological features, crystalline and surface energy of the film, respectively. Moreover, the tribological behavior of the film was evaluated by using friction and wear tester. It was found that the TiO2 film with metal V ion has a better friction-reducing and wear-resisting properties; especially 5% V-TiO2 film has a biggest contact angle and the best tribological properties.

张明星, 王艳艳, 曹磊, 万勇. 溶胶–凝胶法制备钒掺杂TiO2薄膜的摩擦学特性[J]. 材料科学, 2015, 5(4): 168-173.


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