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    Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Piezoelectric Beam with Delamination under Hygrothermal Conditions

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杨金花,樊温亮:长沙理工大学,土木与建筑学院,湖南 长沙

湿热条件压电脱层梁接触非线性动力响应Hygrothermal Condition Piezoelectricity Delaminated Beam Contact Nonlinear Dynamic Response



On the basis of the nonlinear beam and piezoelectric theory, the governing equations of motion for piezoelectric beam with arbitrary delamination were derived. The governing equation of transverse motion was modified by contact force which is calculated through introducing into the assumed spring and thus the penetration between two delaminated layers could be avoided. Moreover, the formulation for calculating the coefficient of artificial spring is presented. The whole problem was resolved by using the finite difference method. In calculation examples, the effects of piezoelectricity, hygrothermal condition, delamination length, depth and amplitude of load on the nonlinear dynamic response of the piezoelectric beam with delamination were discussed in detail. Numerical results show that the vibration amplitude of piezoelectric beam with delamination in-creases under positive control voltage and decreases under negative voltage, and it also increases with the increase of temperature, humidity, delamination length and mechanical load.

杨金花, 樊温亮. 湿热条件下具脱层压电梁的非线性动力响应[J]. 材料科学, 2015, 5(4): 174-183.


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