ECL  >> Vol. 4 No. 3 (August 2015)

    Analysis on Personal Factors’ Effects on Head Behavior of Online to Offline Group Buying’s Consumers

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尹潇潇:云南财经大学统计与数学学院,云南 昆明

个体因素O2O从众行为Personal Factors Online to Offline Herd Behavior



Group-buying is now a popular way of consumption. With the rise of website group-buying, online to offline as a new e-commerce mode quickly penetrates into the traditional economic activities. The paper collects data by the survey, builds a model and gets personal impact factors of herd behavior in online to offline mode. The results show that public’s self-consciousness and highly self-monitoring in personal factors have a significant impact on herd behavior in online to offline mode. Therefore, the study about factors of herd behavior in online to offline mode can not only help group-buying website and businesses understand consumers’ needs roundly and deeply, look for more business opportunities, and promote the long-term development of the website to group-buying and related industries, but also help consumers consume objectively and rationally. There are certain reference value and significance.

尹潇潇. 个体因素对“O2O”模式中消费者从众行为的影响分析[J]. 电子商务评论, 2015, 4(3): 51-59.


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