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    Synthesis of Pincer-Type N-Heterocylic Carbene Predecessors Based on Anthracene Moity and Its Silver Carbene

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黄 昆:西华师范大学化学与化工学院,四川 南充;四川文理学院化学化工学院,四川 达州;
秦大斌:西华师范大学化学与化工学院,四川 南充

氮杂环卡宾钳状N-Heterocylic Carbene Anthracene Pincer



Pincer-type N-heterocylic Carbene (NHC) predecessor have been widely applied in anion recognition and preparation of meal NHCs. Herein, four pincer-type NHC predecessors and one of its silver complex containing anthracene ring were synthesized and characterized by NMR spectra.

黄昆, 秦大斌. 含蒽环的钳状氮杂环卡宾前体及银卡宾的合成[J]. 合成化学研究, 2015, 3(2): 24-27.


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