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    Analysis and Design of Fitness Guidance Consulting System Based on Energy Consumption Meter

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张 幸:北京石油化工学院经济管理学院,北京 ;

信息系统能耗监测仪UMLInformation System Energy Consumption Monitor UML



This paper analyzes the fitness demand for guidance, and designs realization process of the fitness guidance consulting system based on energy consumption monitor. The article uses object- oriented method and UML modeling technology to design the system implementation scheme based on JSP and MVC. By the research of management information system and sports, the paper provides a new way for people to obtain scientific guidance of sports and fitness program.

张幸, 冯春生. 基于能耗仪的健身方案咨询系统分析与设计[J]. 服务科学和管理, 2015, 4(4): 104-110.


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