Study of MATLAB and Its Application in Mathematical Modeling
DOI: 10.12677/MOS.2015.43008, PDF, HTML, XML, 下载: 4,029  浏览: 10,607  科研立项经费支持
作者: 秦川棋, 王亭, 金元峰:延边大学理学院,吉林 延吉
关键词: MATLAB数学建模数学模型MATLAB Mathematical Modeling Mathematic Model
摘要: 本文开篇简单介绍了MATLAB软件的社会作用,然后介绍了MATLAB的特点,又对数学建模的概念及建模过程做出介绍,接着简单介绍了一些数学建模问题的MATLAB求解方法,并给出了部分方法的使用实例,最后通过一个比较完整的建模实例阐述MATLAB在数学建模中的应用。实践证明将MATLAB软件应用于数学建模可以提高数学建模的效和质量,丰富了数学建模的方法和手段,同时具有很重要的教学意义。
Abstract: This article firstly introduces the development and the features of MATLAB software. And then the concept and the process of mathematical modeling are explained. After, the article briefly intro-duces some MATLAB solution methods of mathematical modeling problems, giving several in-stances of some methods. At the last of this article, through a relatively complete example, it focuses on the application of MATLAB in mathematical modeling. It has been found that the application of MATLAB in mathematical modeling can improve the efficiency and quality of mathematical modeling, enrich the means and methods of mathematical modeling, and play a very important role in the teaching of mathematical modeling course.
文章引用:秦川棋, 王亭, 金元峰. MATLAB及其在数学建模中的应用[J]. 建模与仿真, 2015, 4(3): 61-71.