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    Analysis on the Clinical Features of Deficiency of Heart and Spleen Syndrome Based on the Documents

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史鑫鑫,杭明晖,丁 玎,杨苏京,许朝霞:上海中医药大学,上海

心脾两虚证文献研究四诊特征临床表现Deficiency of Heart and Spleen Syndrome Literature Research The Characteristic of Four Methods Clinical Manifestation


目的:本文基于2005年1月至2014年10月的文献,从心脾两虚证的临床症状、病因病机、证候分布、证候本质等方面对心脾两虚证的临床特征进行探讨。方法:利用课题组研制的文献数据采集表,采集每篇文章上的相关内容,包括论文题目、发表的杂志、所涉及疾病的中西医诊断、四诊信息、病例数、治则治法等信息,然后用频次分析方法进行统计学分析。结果:基于维普中文数据网,以“心脾两虚”为关键词进行检索这10年的文献,共有270篇。其中,关于临床疗效方面的论文最多,有163篇(60.4%);在所检索的270篇文献中,心脾两虚证常见疾病为失眠、抑郁症,分别为148篇(54.8%)、23 (8.5%);最常见的四诊症状为失眠、乏力、面色萎黄、面色少华、舌质淡、脉细无力等;中医常用临床治法为中药复方制剂和针灸、耳穴等。结论:心脾两虚证的临床特征的概括能为该证的诊疗提供一定科学依据。

Objective: Based on the documents published from January 2005 to October 2014, this article dis-cussed the clinical features of deficiency of heart and spleen syndrome from cases of clinical symptoms, etiology and pathogenesis, distribution of syndrome, essential qualities of syndrome and so on. Method: Using research literature data collection table, the relevant contents of each article were collected, including paper topics, published magazines, disease diagnosis of traditional Chinese and western medicine involved, information of four methods, the number of cases, therapeutic principle and method and some other information, and then the frequency analysis method was used for statistical analysis. Results: Based on VIP network, there were 270 documents found by searching the keyword of “deficiency of heart and spleen syndrome”. Among them, there are 163 papers about clinical curative effect; 148 (54.8%), and 23 (8.5%) papers about insomnia, depression, respectively, which are common diseases of deficiency of heart and spleen syndrome. The common clinical symptoms are insomnia, anergy, sallow complexion, pale tongue, thin and weak veins, etc. The common clinical treatments of TCM are traditional Chinese medicine compound preparation, acupuncture, ear, etc. Conclusion: Summarizing the clinical features of deficiency of heart and spleen syndrome can provide certain scientific basis for the diagnosis and treatment.

史鑫鑫, 杭明晖, 丁玎, 杨苏京, 许朝霞. 基于文献分析心脾两虚证的临床特征[J]. 中医学, 2015, 4(3): 69-75.