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    Atypical Disadvantaged Group Left Behind—A Reflection on Jed Parry’s Fate in Enduring Love

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周小琳,吴兰香:东南大学外国语学院英语系,江苏 南京

伊恩•麦克尤恩《爱无可忍》非典型弱势群体Ian McEwan Enduring Love Atypical Disadvantaged Group



Enduring Love, published by contemporary British novelist Ian McEwan in 1997, tells the story about a pop-science writer Joe Rose who attempts to rid himself of a mad stalker Jed Parry, a pa-tient of de Clérambault’s syndrome. Being a member of the atypical disadvantaged group, as classified by American scholar Martha Nussbaum, Parry is representative of the neglected people whose fates highlight the importance of humanistic care. In the story, Joe has been obsessed with the excessive rationalistic study of Parry’s case, and has unknowingly led to the worsening of Parry’s situation. Joe’s wife Clarrisa tries to influence him with her poetic wisdom, but her mild nature is not powerful enough to change the direction of the event, which actually reveals that Joe’s dominant rationalism has overshadowed the role of humanistic scholars like Clarrisa. Through Parry’s situation, this article believes that special care should be given to the disadvantaged group, and that humanities do play an indispensable role in society.

周小琳, 吴兰香. 被忽视的非典型弱势群体—对《爱无可忍》中杰德•帕里命运的反思[J]. 世界文学研究, 2015, 3(3): 120-126. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/WLS.2015.33019


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