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    Observation of Effect of Wet Compress of Potato Flake to Treat Preterm Fants with Fat Emulsion Extravasation

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林文翰,梁英福,陆少珍,赖丽婷,李萍,杨思思:广西壮族自治区妇幼保健院新生儿科,广西 南宁

土豆早产儿脂肪乳外渗Potato Preterm Infants Fat Milk Exosmosis


目的:探讨土豆薄片湿敷治疗早产儿脂肪乳外渗的效果。方法:对静脉输注脂肪乳发生外渗的46例患儿采用土豆薄片湿敷治疗,观察肿胀消退情况及时间,以硫酸镁湿敷作为对照。结果:46例患儿治愈率为86.96%,有效率为100%,平均治疗时间为3.14 ± 0.99 h,与对照组比较差异有统计学意义(P < 0.05)。结论:土豆薄片湿敷治疗早产儿脂肪乳外渗简单、易行,效果令人满意,值得推广应用。

Objective: To investigate the effects of applying potato fractions for treatment of fat milk exosmosis in preterm fants. Methods: The wet compress of potato flake treatments were performed in 46 cases preterm fants with fat milk exosmosis. The efficacy, as well as regression the times of swell were observed and recorded, respectively. External application of magnesium sulfate was as control group. Results: Among 46 cases, the rate of cure, the rate of effection and the average period of treatment were 100%, 86.96%, 3.14 ± 0.99 h, respectively, and there were significance between the cases and controls (P < 0.05). Conclusion: It is simple, feasible and effective to treat fat emulsion leakage in preterm fants by using potato fractions, and it is worth using widely.

林文翰, 梁英福, 陆少珍, 赖丽婷, 李萍, 杨思思. 土豆薄片湿敷治疗早产儿脂肪乳外渗效果观察[J]. 医学诊断, 2015, 5(3): 41-43.


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