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    Hydrologic Data Processing System in Restoring Printing Hydrological Yearbook

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赖厚桂:长江水利委员会水文局,湖北 武汉

整编系统水文年鉴1990年代恢复刊印SHDP Hydrological Year Books The 1990s Printed Data Recovery



The South-Region Hydrologic Data Processing Software (SHDP) is a multi-functional data processing platform that integrates the processing/compilation of hydrologic data, information management, as well as result output as a whole. Its backstage server is the Hydrological Database (Version 4.0). The SHDP software has been so far successfully applied in hydrological departments across more than twenty provinces, cities, and autonomous regions. A problem present in the hydrologic yearbook publishing history of China is that, since the 1990s, many provincial hydrological yearbooks have not been published for dozens of years. Therefore, it is of significant practical importance to timely restore the printing of these missing materials while guaranteeing their quality. In response, the Hydrology Bureau of Changjiang Water Resources Commission has systematically restored the data of two yearbooks for 1991 using the SHDP software in 2012. In this paper, instructions for using the SHDP and the process of realizing the restoring of data in hydrologic yearbook publishing are both presented.

赖厚桂. 水文资料整编系统在恢复刊印水文年鉴中的应用[J]. 水资源研究, 2015, 4(5): 477-480. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/JWRR.2015.45059