JPS  >> Vol. 3 No. 3 (August 2015)


杨广娥:安徽省儿童医院,安徽 合肥

婴幼儿神经性肌强直奥卡西平Infant Neuromyotonia Oxcarbazepine



Objective: To improve the recognition of neuromyotonia by the clinical characters of a patient. Methods: We described the clinical symptoms and signs, relative examinations, and the responsiv-ity to oral oxcarbazepine, and gave a long-term follow up. Results: Neuromyotonia manifested in clinical symptoms as muscle rigidity limiting to movement and without loose in sleeping accom-panied over sweating, and showed spasticly discharge in electromyography. Now there are no di-agnostic criteria with genes for neuromyotonia. The chemical examination and cephal-icono- graphy are normal. Conclusion: Infant with neuromyotonia responses well to low dose Oxcarbazepine, and neoplastic disease should be ruled out before treatment.

杨广娥. 婴幼儿神经性肌强直1例[J]. 生理学研究, 2015, 3(3): 15-18.


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