AMS  >> Vol. 2 No. 4 (December 2015)

    Deepwater Gas Pipeline Leak Numerical Simulation Study

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朱生东,张长智:中海石油深海开发有限公司,广东 珠海;

安全OLGA海底管道应急准备Safety OLGA Subsea Pipeline Emergency Preparedness



This paper presents the numerical simulation results for a subsea gas pipeline release, which was designed to expert high pressure nature gas from Deepwater offshore platform to the onshore re-ceive terminal. 32 leak scenarios were simulated using OLGA® and concluded the initial leak rate, leak duration and released mass weight in 4 water depths, 3 hole sizes and 2 flow rates. The re-search assesses the influence of subsea pipeline’s elevation, riser inventory, subsea safety isolation valve, external hydraulic pressure, leak detection, emergency shutdown and blowdown from onshore terminal. The research results could be used as critical input for the further risk analysis and emergency preparedness analysis meanwhile could be the important technical support to emergency response and mitigation actions.

朱生东, 葛天明, 张长智. 深水天然气管道泄漏的数值模拟研究[J]. 海洋科学前沿, 2015, 2(4): 84-93.