AEPE  >> Vol. 3 No. 6 (December 2015)

    Analysis of the Neutral Point Grounding Mode in Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Station

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王 凯:新疆风电工程设计咨询有限责任公司,新疆 乌鲁木齐

并网光伏电站电力系统中性点接地方式Grid Connected Photovoltaic Power Station Power System Neutral Point Grounding Mode



Solar energy is a kind of inexhaustibile clean energy. It has sufficient cleanliness, adequacy and potential economic security of absolute and relative breadth, really long life and maintenance-free property, resources etc., and plays an important role in the long-term energy strategy. In this paper, the comparison of different neutral point grounding modes of power network is summarized to select the appropriate neutral point grounding for the photovoltaic power station. Taking a photovoltaic power station as an example, neutral grounding resistor is calculated to offer the values for reference value in the future.

王凯. 并网型光伏发电站中性点接地方式分析[J]. 电力与能源进展, 2015, 3(6): 216-220.