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Preparation and Application of Multi-Scale Composite Particles

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作者: 朱逸莉, 王宇翔, 杨茹婷, 王绍卿, 赵 阳, 周 洁, 汪 頔, 刘引烽:上海大学材料科学与工程学院高分子材料系,上海

关键词: 蛇莓形覆盆子形海胆形多尺度复合粒子Duchesnea-Like Raspberry-Like Urchin-Like Multiple-Scale Composite Particles

摘要: 通过纳米粒子与纳米粒子或纳米粒子与微米粒子复合构成的多尺度复合微粒具有多级分层微纳结构和复杂的形貌特征,在粗糙表面构造、催化剂制备、药物运载与控制释放、以及特殊光电器件材料等方面具有潜在的应用,正受到广泛的关注。蛇莓形复合粒子和海胆形复合粒子是多尺度复合微粒的典型代表。复合粒子的制备方法可以是先分别制备两种粒子再进行复合,也可以是先制备其中一种粒子,再在其表面通过原位合成的方法合成另一种粒子直接构造复合粒子,还可以是在一定的条件下进行双原位合成同时制备两种粒子实现复合。本文就蛇莓形复合粒子及海胆形复合粒子的常见制备方法加以综述,并对其目前主要应用领域作了相应介绍,并对其发展前景进行了展望。
Abstract: Multi-scale composite particles, usually combined nano-scale particles with nano-scale particles or with micro-scale particles have been receiving widespread attention. They can be used in con-structing a rough surface, preparation of catalysts, drug carrier and controlled release, as well as in special optoelectronic devices materials and other aspects because of their multilevel hierarchical micro- and nanostructures and complex morphology. Raspberry-like (“duchesnea-like” would be indeed more visual) particles and urchin-like particles are typical multi-scale composite particles. These composite particles could be prepared by 1) two types of particles formed in advance composite together based on the interactions between them; 2) one type of particles that would be synthesized in situ on the other particles surfaces which are formed in advance; 3) one-step in situ synthesis of the two different kinds of particles to form the composite particles under an optimum condition. This paper reviews common preparations and applications of duchesnea-like and urchin-like particles. The problems and its prospect on their development are also presented.

文章引用: 朱逸莉, 王宇翔, 杨茹婷, 王绍卿, 赵阳, 周洁, 汪頔, 刘引烽. 多尺度复合微粒的制备与应用[J]. 材料科学, 2016, 6(1): 75-87. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/MS.2016.61010


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