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    Techno-Economic Analysis of CCHP System Based on Gas Internal Combustion Engine

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胡雪姣,刘 刚,廖胜明:中南大学能源科学与工程学院,湖南 长沙

分布式冷热电联产系统协商式交易模式技术经济性分析敏感性分析Distributed CCHP System Negotiated Transaction Model Techno-Economic Analysis Sensitivity Analysis


本文针对分布式冷热电联产系统(CCHP)在市场化推广中的计费方式和能源定价等经济性问题,建立了内燃机冷热电联产系统的热力学模型,并确立了以年折算费用、年净收益、投资收益率为基础的技术经济评价体系。以长沙某大型公建的能源站三联供方案为例(额定制冷量23,098 kW,制热量16,445 kW,发电量2320 kW),选取制冷(热)量相同的直燃分产方案以及常规分产方案作为参照,基于协商式交易模式下的冷热电计费方式,综合比较了三种方案的各项经济性指标,并从投资方与用户方的利益出发,将天然气价、冷热电价与联产方案经济性指标的关系做了敏感性分析。本文研究结果为冷热电联产方案的市场化推广应用提供了重要参考依据。

To analyze the problem of billing way and energy pricing in market promotion of distributed combined cooling, heating and power system (CCHP), a thermodynamic model of the typical CCHP based internal combustion engine is established, and the average annual cost, net income and rate of return on investment are selected as the economy evaluation index in this paper. Based on the billing way of negotiated transaction mode, the CCHP system (rated refrigerating capacity 23,098 kW, heating capacity 16,445 kW, generating capacity 2320 kW) of a large public building in Changsha is taken as an example, and the direct-fired systems and conventional production systems of the same rated refrigerating (heating) capacity are proposed as alternative schemes to compare the techno-economic characteristics. Then based on the interests of the investors and user, the sensitivity analysis about gas prices, heat prices and electricity prices was executed to find its influences on the economy evaluation index of CCHP and conventional production systems. The results of this study provide an important reference for the development and application of CCHP system.

胡雪姣, 刘刚, 廖胜明. 燃气内燃机冷热电联产系统的技术经济性分析[J]. 可持续能源, 2016, 6(1): 1-11.


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