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    Geological Characteristics of Baishuizhai Copper-Molybdenum Mine in Ganxian, Jiangxi

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罗建平,刘仁生:江西省核工业地质局264大队,江西 赣州

铜钼矿地质特征经济意义白水寨Copper-Molybdenum Ore Deposit Geological Characteristics Economical Significance Baishuizhai



Baishuizhai copper-molybdenum metal mining area is located in the middle of Yushan tectonic belt in Jiangxi and Niuling central syncline. Magmatic activity is frequent, followed by a number of granite outcrops. With combination of the stratigraphic, structural and magmatic rocks of Baishuizhai copper- molybdenum metal mining area, it summarizes that copper-molybdenum ore body mining area output on the Permian series yaumcha group of Jurassic sedimentary rocks and modern times Xia Men beach superelement biotite granite. The ore bodies which have been identified in the mining area are distributed in the eastern part of the mining area, where the V4 and V5 ore bodies are controlled by a high degree, the stability and size of the ore bodies are relatively ideal, which can be the first mining ore bodies in the mining area.

罗建平, 刘仁生. 江西省赣县白水寨铜钼矿矿床地质特征[J]. 地球科学前沿, 2016, 6(1): 9-16.