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    Parameter Design of the Test Device for Arc Extinguishing

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赵小令,焦俊韬,赵 谡,肖登明:上海交通大学电气工程系,上海;
J. D. Yan:利物浦大学,利物浦,英国

灭弧试验装置麦也尔方程参数计算Test Device for Arc Extinguishing Mayr’s Equation Parameter Design


根据灭弧装置设计的数学理论依据麦也尔方程,本文较详细地进行了灭弧试验装置各项参数计算方法的介绍,包括平均分闸速度、喷嘴、触头开距等。通过对灭弧室各元件及各种特性参数的定性分析,并结合以往GCB (Gas Circuit Breaker)新品设计、灭弧室数学模拟计算及开断试验的经验,本文提出了一套压气式灭弧室初步设计及估算方法,为研制相关灭弧试验装置提供必要参考。

Based on the mathematic theory for arc extinguishing, Mayr’s equation, we theoretically derived parameters of the test device for arc extinguishing, including the average speed of the contacts, size of nozzle, distance of the contacts, etc. Through qualitative analysis of elements and character parameters in arc extinguished chamber, as well as the experience of GCB design, mathematic theoretical calculation and arc extinguishing test, we came up with a tentative calculation and an estimation method for pressed arc extinguished chamber, which provide accordance for relative arc extinguishing test study.

赵小令, 焦俊韬, 赵谡, 肖登明, J. D.Yan. 灭弧试验装置的参数设计[J]. 电气工程, 2016, 4(1): 23-30.


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