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    Clinical Observation of the Effects of FuE on the Treatment of Hair Follicles Type of Vitiligo

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田治国,杨云蔚,陈 立,徐华飞,白先枝:湖北省第三人民医院(湖北省中山医院)整形美容科,湖北 武汉

毛囊植换FuE技术毛囊型白癜风Hair Follicle Transplant Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Follicles Type of Vitiligo


目的:探讨毛囊植换术治疗毛囊型白癜风的疗效。方法:采用FuE技术提取白色毛囊后把单根毛囊或毛囊单位移植于白癜风毛囊内,观察色素恢复情况和黑发生长情况。结果:12例患者,黑发生长 + 色素覆盖6例(50%);单纯黑发生长2例(16.6%);单纯色素覆盖1例(8.3%)3例无效(25%),有效率75%。讨论:毛囊植换治疗毛囊型白癜风具有临床研究意义。

Objective: To investigate the effective of the hair follicle transplant with FuE to treat hair vitiligo. Methods: FuE technique was adopted to extract white hair follicle and the single root hair follicle or hair follicle unit was placed in leucoderma hair follicle. The recovery condition of pigment and the growing condition of black hair were observed. Results: Among 12 patients, there were 6 cases with black hair growing + pigment covering (50%), 2 cases with simple black hair growing (16.6%), 1 case with simple pigment covering (8.3%) and 3 cases invalid (25%). Effective rate was 75%. Conclusion: To the hair vitiligo, the treatment was proved to be effective.

田治国, 杨云蔚, 陈立, 徐华飞, 白先枝. 毛囊植换术治疗毛囊型白癜风的临床效果观察[J]. 亚洲外科手术病例研究, 2016, 5(1): 1-4.


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