The Modified Wiener Index, Calculation of Harary Exponent and Multiplicative Wiener Index of Jahangir Graphs
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作者: 张 晶, 高 炜:云南师范大学信息学院,云南 昆明
关键词: 维纳指数修改的维纳指数Harary指数乘法维纳指数Wiener Index Modified Wiener Index Harary Index Multiplicative Wiener Index
摘要: 化合物、材料和药物一般可以用图模型来表示,其中原子用顶点来表示,原子之间的化学键用边来表示。而定义在分子图上的拓扑指数可帮助研究者了解该化学结构的化学、药理学特征。本文给出Jahangir图J3,m的修改的维纳指数,Harary指数和乘法维纳指数计算公式。
Abstract: Compounds, materials and drugs can be represented as a graph model, where the atom is represented by a vertex and a chemical bond between atoms is expressed by an edge. The topo-logical indices defined on the molecular graph can help researchers understand the chemical, pharmacological characteristics of the chemical structure. In this paper, we determine the modified Wiener index, Hararyindex and multiplicative Wiener index of Jahangir graph J3,m.
文章引用:张晶, 高炜. Jahangir图的修改的维纳指数,Harary指数和乘法维纳指数计算[J]. 运筹与模糊学, 2016, 6(2): 46-50. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/ORF.2016.62006


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