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    On China’s Labor Law and the International Labor Standards

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蒋 矣:中山大学法学院,广东 广州

国际劳工组织国际劳工标准中国劳动法The International Labor Organization The International Labor Standards China’s Labor Law



The International Labor Organization, ILO, is a specialized agency of the United Nations in charge of labor matters and the International Labor Standards it set were generally accepted and recognized by the international community. Our country since joined the ILO, combining with China’s national conditions, had signed relevant agreements to comply with, and unswervingly implemented the ILO Constitution and Declaration. No such difference was found between most of the clauses in China’s Labor Law, Labor Contract Law and the international labor standards, but we still need to constantly strive to improve and perfect our labor system. To this purpose, we must develop science and technology, make changes in the industrial structure in order to bring much value to labor; and also further improve and perfect the "three labor rights" system along with the system of labor law enforcement, further strengthen exchanges and cooperation on international labor relations at the same time.

蒋矣. 试论我国劳动法与“国际劳工标准”[J]. 争议解决, 2016, 2(1): 7-11. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/DS.2016.21002