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    Electrons, Protons and Hydrogen Atoms—The Micro Particle Internal Structure Parsing

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自旋不确定性原理质子单极子强相互作用The Spin The Uncertainty Principle Proton Monopole Strong Interaction



In this paper, based on the double wave packet double origin particle model [1], the internal structure of electron, proton and hydrogen atom is discussed by combining the four-dimensional space and four-dimensional space concept. This paper describes the image and the internal structure of the electron and proton, so the concepts of the modern physics of the micro-particles wave function, spin physics, particle oscillation state, the uncertainty principle, etc., show the easily understood pictures. By comparing the movement of electron in four-dimensional x space and proton in four dimensional E space, it is proposed that the proton monopole with large symmetrical electron monopole is magnetic monopole. Then there is a new interpretation of the electro- magnetic interaction, strong interaction and the structure of the material atoms in the hydrogen atom. This review of elementary particles from a new angle, is different from the mathematical derivation of micro material abstract description, but it’s more intuitive, beautiful, concise, and clear.

田清聚. 电子、质子和氢原子—微观粒子内部结构解析[J]. 现代物理, 2016, 6(4): 71-82.