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    The Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Male Gonads Sex Cystitis

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刘裔道,蚌凌青,杨晓荣,梁 元,李 吉,陈仲斌,杨永刚,潘 隽:德宏州人民医院泌尿外科,云南 德宏

腺性膀胱炎男性经尿道电切术膀胱灌注Glandular Cystitis Male Transurethral Electric Cut Method Bladder Perfusion



Objective: To study the male sex gland sex cystitis (CG) of clinical manifestation and therapeutic effect. Methods: Retrospective analysis of 1999-2014 treatment of 22 cases of adult male con-firmed by pathology for the clinical data of gland sex cystitis. This group of 22 patients aged 27 - 74, an average 52.5 years. Clinical Performance: 18 cases symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain 13 cases, 7 cases of hematuria, lower abdominal pain in 8 cases, 20 patients had clinical symptoms after more than two weeks anti-inflammatory therapy or repeated anti-inflammatory treatment curative effect was poor. All patients were followed up for 3 months - 48 months. Results: 22 patients with transurethral plasmakentic vaporization of bladder lesions were cutting and with bladder perfusion therapy. There are 17 patients cured or improved; 4 cases of clinical symptom have no obvious improvement; 1 case of patient’s postoperative clinical symptom is aggravating, anti-inflammatory and bladder perfusion improved after treatment for 6 months, no cases of malignant transformation. Conclusion: Male sex gland sex cystitis in multiple trend gradually, should be raised to the attention of the male sex gland sex cystitis and diagnosis level, transurethral bladder lesions electricity cut method combined the bladder perfusion treatment of small trauma. The curative effect is clear and suitable for clinical promotion.

刘裔道, 蚌凌青, 杨晓荣, 梁元, 李吉, 陈仲斌, 杨永刚, 潘隽. 男性腺性膀胱炎的临床表现与治疗[J]. 外科, 2016, 5(3): 71-73. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/HJS.2016.53012