MP  >> Vol. 6 No. 4 (July 2016)

    Dynamic Process of Earth Rotation Caused by the Sun’s Gravitational Field Topology

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贾永欣:莱阳华鑫野菊制品有限公司,山东 莱阳;
贾祥云:山东电建公司,山东 济南;
贾雨萱:大连民族大学,山东 大连;
贾菲菲:青岛理工大学,山东 青岛

引力线切割弯曲进动引力场拓最大张度引力的方向性背景角动量椭圆轨道Line of Force Cutting Bending Precession Gravitational Field Topology Maximum Length Directivity of the Gravity Background Angel Momentum Elliptical Orbit


本论文在重新评估法拉第力线的基础上,提出了真实性存在的引力力线,有被拉伸和收缩的拓扑物理特征,从而考虑在球体旋转的情况下,作用于球体的引力线很可能存在一个旋转径向的拉长和收缩不对称过程,从而造成引力距差,引起球体的旋转径向前后引力不对等,而产生了引力距离差旋转力矩,使地球等可以持续性连续性获得旋转扭力,而保持了地球自转的角动量来源。并通过计算得出,地球旋转一圈时得到的扭力为4.775964493 × 1016 N,其结果和利用其他方法得到的值基本相同。

On the basis of transvaluation about Faraday's theory of line of force, this paper comes up with gravitational line of force with real existence, and they are featured with topological physical characteristics of being stretched and shrieked. So we may consider that under the condition of sphere rotation, the line of force which acts on the sphere is likely to perform an asymmetric process of spinning radial stretch and transverse shrink, thus causing a differentiation in gravity distance, which further sets off gravitational spinning dissymmetry in front of and back the sphere. This will also cause gravity distance differential rotation torque, making the earth able to get rotary torque continuously and help to keep the source of earth rotation angular momentum. We can figure out the result of the torsion the earth gets after it has rotated a circle after calculation, which is 4.775964493 × 1016 N, and this result is mainly the same with compared results got by other methods.

贾永欣, 贾祥云, 贾雨萱, 贾菲菲. 太阳万有引力场拓扑致地球旋转的动力学过程[J]. 现代物理, 2016, 6(4): 124-135.