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    A Tentative Study of General Training of College Physical Education Entrance Examination Participants

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刘 波,卿凯丽,范文豹:湖南师范大学体育学院,湖南 长沙

体育高考生一般训练College Physical Education Entrance Examination Participants General Training


体育高考生作为高考大军中一个特殊的群体,人数历年高居不下,给不少学校的二本上线率作出了贡献。本文研究体育高考生的一般训练情况,探究其训练方式方法与组织手段,分析其优劣,从而针对所存在的问题提出相应的改进措施,最终提高体育成绩。通过研究表明:体育高考生一般训练普遍存在着诸多缺位与错位的现象:1) 训练计划无差别化,2) 心理素质训练不够,3) 训练负荷不合理。建议因人而异制订训练计划;加强学生的心理素质训练;科学的安排训练内容。其研究价值在于为体育高考生的科学有序训练做出理论探索和提供相应依据。

College physical education entrance examination participants as a special group in the university entrance exam force, whose number remains high over the years, takes a high proportion of ad-mission to universities or colleges. This paper studies the general training of college physical education entrance examination participants, explores the organization of training methods and means, analyses its advantages and disadvantages, thus puts forward the corresponding improv-ing strategies for the existing problems, and finally improves the sports achievement. The re-search shows that: there are widespread phenomena of absence and dislocation of sports students’ general training: 1) the training program is without differentiation; 2) the psychological quality training is not enough; 3) the training load is not reasonable. So it is suggested to establish training plan considering individual differences, to strengthen the students’ psychological quality training, and to arrange the training content scientifically and rationally. Its high research value lies in providing the theoretical exploration and basis for a more scientific and orderly training of physical education students.

刘波, 卿凯丽, 范文豹. 体育高考生一般训练摭谈[J]. 体育科学进展, 2016, 4(3): 72-77. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/APS.2016.43012


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