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    The Clinical Feature and Treatment of Colitis Cystica Profunda—With a Case Report and Review of Chinese Literature

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黄瀚章,周 峰,杜 舟,王鹏飞,章晓东,贾曾荣,韩少良:温州医科大学附属第一医院普外科,浙江 温州

囊性结肠炎外科鉴别Colitis Cystica Profunda Surgery Differential Diagnosis



Objective: The clinical manifestation and treatment results of colitis cystica profunda were analyzed to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. Methods: The nearly twenty-year Chinese literature report of colitis cystica profunda and our report were comprehensively analyzed. Results: The average age was 34.0 years, with the male to female ratio of 7:10; the lesion location was iliocecum in 6 cases, rectum in 4, ascending colon in 3, diffuse colon disease in 2, descending colon and sigmoid colon in each of the 1 case. The clinical manifestation was leaded by abdominal pain with bloody stool in 8 cases, followed by abdominal pain with diarrhea and abdominal mass with intermittent bloody stool in each of the 2 cases, intestinal obstruction in one, intussusceptions in one and shifting right abdominal pain in one. Physical examination revealed abdominal mass in 8 cases, rectal mass found by digital exam in 4 cases, anemia in 2 cases, peritonitis sigh in one and negative finding in 2 cases. All 17 cases underwent abdominal ultrasound; abdominal mass was detected in 8 cases, localized thickening of colorectal wall in 2 cases, and no abnormal finding in 7 cases. CT scanning revealed abdominal mass in 8 cases, localized thickening of colorectal wall in 5 cases, and no abnormal finding in 4 cases. Colorectal lesions were observed in fourteen of 15 cases with endoscopy, and colitis cystica profunda was determined by endoscopy with biopsy in one case. Barium examination was in 8 cases, localized thickening of colorectal wall in 2 cases, tumor-like lesion in 5 cases and diffuse disease in one. All cases underwent surgery, with smooth recovery and discharge, and there was no recurrence of disease during the follow-up. Conclusions: The medical conservative treatment was the choice of therapy, and the surgery is indicated in colitis cystica profunda cases when it is difficult to distinguish with malignant disease.

黄瀚章, 周峰, 杜舟, 王鹏飞, 章晓东, 贾曾荣, 韩少良. 深在性囊性结肠炎的临床特征与治疗—附一例报道与中文文献分析[J]. 亚洲外科手术病例研究, 2016, 5(2): 5-9.


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