JLCE  >> Vol. 5 No. 4 (November 2016)


杨学军:新疆洁净能源技术研究院,新疆 哈密;
许 方:新疆金风天翼试验风电场,新疆 乌鲁木齐

风能制氢弃风经济模型Wind Power Hydrogen Production Wind Curtailment Economic Model


对于风力发电等可再生电力,初始设备和场地投资十分巨大,解决弃风限电问题和进一步提高可再生能源的比例意义重大。通过风能制氢的方式,不仅能解决可再生电力的储能问题,而且可以多元化能源形式,促进能源体系安全。本文简要介绍了Power to Gas的技术路线和国内外进展,通过实际风场的全年数据来建立储能经济模型,假设了风能制氢的两种运行模式,进而研究了风能制氢在解决当前国内严重弃风限电问题的规律和经济可行性,也指出该技术路线在实际风能制氢电解槽运行中存在的潜在问题,最后讨论了风能制氢技术路线的上下游产业关联性。

The initial investment in equipment and land for renewable power such as wind power and significance of addressing wind curtailment and improving renewable penetration rate is obvious. This article gives a general introduction to the technical route of Power to Gas and the present progress in China and abroad. The energy storage model of integrating curtailed wind energy with hydrogen production is established based on real time data throughout a whole year in a wind farm and in this model two operation scenarios are assumed. From the model, several conclusions of addressing heavy wind curtailment are withdrawn and economical availability is analyzed. As well, this article points out the potential problems of this route in real hydrogen production system. At the end, the related industry context of “Power to Gas” is talked.

杨学军, 许方. Power to Gas经济模型分析[J]. 低碳经济, 2016, 5(4): 37-42.


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