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    Analysis of the New Idiom of the Four-Character Grid Network from the Perspective of Intertextuality

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张晓雨,林 纲:江苏师范大学文学院,江苏 徐州

互文性四字格网络新成语构词方式Intertextuality New Idiom of the Four-Character Grid Network Word Formation



As a branch of the network language, network new idiom is more and more popular among Internet users, and has the characteristics of intertextuality on the basis of feature and word formation with traditional Chinese idiom. This paper attempts to explore the ways of word formation in the new idiom of four-character grid network in the way which draws on the generative mechanism of the traditional Chinese idioms from the perspective of the theory of intertextuality. It also points out that intertextuality is the essential feature of the new generation of the new idiom of the four- character grid network.

张晓雨, 林纲. 互文性视域下的四字格网络新成语探究[J]. 现代语言学, 2016, 4(4): 196-191.