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    Adaptive Scheduling Strategy for Heterogeneous Spark Cluster

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徐佳俊,刘功申,苏 波,孟 魁:上海交通大学,上海

Spark异构集群调度策略Spark Heterogeneous Cluster Scheduling Strategy



The scheduling strategy of Spark assumes that cluster is homogenized. However, as the change or update of hardware in cluster, it becomes more and more heterogeneous. Thus, the original scheduling strategy cannot meet the performance requirement anymore and short board effect gradually emerges. The paper proposes a new strategy to solve this problem. The new strategy refers the idea of hierarchical scheduling. It combines the task complexity, worker performance and worker CPU usage as its scheduling factors to improve the scheduling performance. And ex-periments show that the new strategy is absolutely effective.

徐佳俊, 刘功申, 苏波, 孟魁. 基于Spark的异构集群调度策略研究[J]. 计算机科学与应用, 2016, 6(11): 692-704. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/CSA.2016.611084


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