Phase Transition and Magnetic Properties in the Forming Process of Sc Doped M-Type Hexaferrite
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作者: 周 浩, 汤如俊*:苏州大学,物理与光电?能源学部,江苏省薄膜材料重点实验室,江苏 苏州
关键词: M型铁氧体Sc3+掺杂烧结温度相变磁性质M-Type Hexaferrite Sc3+ Substitution Sintering Temperature Phase Transition Magnetic Property
摘要: 本文采用固相反应法制备了掺杂M型钡铁氧体BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19,并对其在烧结过程中的相变及磁性质做了一定的研究。结果表明,当烧结温度低于1000℃时,尖晶石相BaFe2O4和铁离子缺失的M型铁氧体是主要的烧结产物。当烧结温度高于1050℃时,M型铁氧体BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19开始生成。直到当烧结温度达到1200℃时,BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19才以单相的形式存在于烧结产物中。随着烧结温度的升高,烧结产物的剩磁比和矫顽场逐步降低,并在烧结温度高于1200℃的时候降到接近于零。饱和磁化强度随着烧结温度的升高逐步升高,并在1050℃的时候达到最大值,随后逐渐降低。磁性质的变化过程与烧结产物的相变是一致的。以上结果表明,相对于Fe3+,Sc3+对M型铁氧体的掺杂需要更高的热能,并会导致M型铁氧体磁性质的较大变化。
Abstract: Sc doped M-type hexaferrite BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19 was prepared with the conventional solid state reaction method. The phase and magnetic property transition processes in the sintering process of M-type hexaferrite BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19 have been investigated. Results show that the spinel phase BaFe2O4 and ion-deficient M-type hexaferrite dominate when sintering temperature is lower than 1000˚C. The M-type hexaferrite BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19 appears above 1050˚C and does not become a single phase until 1200˚C. Both the remanence ratio and coercivity of the samples decrease with increasing sintering temperature and drop to nearly zero above 1200˚C. However, the saturation magnetization of the samples increases with increasing sintering temperature until 1050˚C and then decreases. The magnetic property transition process agrees well with the phase transition process. The above results show that incorporation of Sc3+ into the M-type hexaferrite needs a higher thermal energy than that of Fe3+, and will lead to a drastic change in the magnetic properties of M-type hexaferrite.
文章引用:周浩, 汤如俊. Sc掺杂M型钡铁氧体烧结过程中的相变及磁性研究[J]. 应用物理, 2016, 6(11): 265-271.


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