A Study of Linear Programming Modeling and Optimization on Operational Production Scheduling for Batch/Continuous Mixed Production in M Company
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作者: 张悦:北京乐纯悠品商贸有限公司,北京
关键词: 生产作业计划线性规划模型数学建模模型优化Operational Production Planning Linear Programming Model Mathematical Modeling Model Optimization
摘要: 本文结合M公司面临的内外部环境以及目标,选取了代表性的MD生产线,结合其半成品批次生产和包装成品连续生产的特点,建立了一套解决现存人工排产弊端的生产作业计划数学规划模型。模型以进行平衡化处理后的周产品计划作为输入,以各台包装机和关键工艺涂层间的具体作业计划作为输出,对其建模假设、目标函数和约束条件进行了仔细选择,利用线性规划和求解软件工具,实际模拟出了可以取得最小生产费用的优化结果。在此基础上,结合实际生产数据样本进行了结果探讨;并且从生产的实际情况出发,对优化结果进行了探讨和调整优化。最后,论文对类似企业的应用进行了应用前提的提炼,并对应用的进一步优化提出了建议。
Abstract: This article has set up a linear programming model to determine M company’s operational pro-duction planning, with an optimal output compared with the current manual scheduling operation. This model has chosen a typical line in the M production, which is a mix of batch and sequential production; it has used the evened weekly production plan as an input, the detailed operational production time/batch of all packaging machine and coating line as an output, and has performed a careful selection on modeling assumptions, target function and constraints. The model has used solver as a key solving tool, and has run an optimized result which would generate a minimum cost for production. On top of this, a correction and discussion on the results are performed based on production needs to better fit into the overall execution. This paper has also proposed a general rule to apply in similar productions, offered suggestions for future optimization, and therefore has great value in future applications in similar enterprises.
文章引用:张悦. M公司批次/连续混合型生产作业计划中线性规划模型构建及优化的应用研究[J]. 管理科学与工程, 2016, 5(4): 237-247. http://dx.doi.org/10.12677/MSE.2016.54026


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