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    Progress on the Studies of Antiperovskite Structure Nickel-Based Nitrides

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张 敏,宋婷婷:物理与空间科学学院,西华师范大学,四川 南充

反钙钛矿化合物超导镍基氮化物Anti-Perovskite Compound Superconductivity Nickel-Based Nitrides



The crystal structure of anti-perovskite compounds is similar to the perovskite compounds structure unit of high temperature copper oxide superconductors. They have potential application in high temperature superconductivity and giant magnetoresistance due to their multiple physical properties. The preparation method of antiperovskite structure nickel-based nitrides was reviewed in this paper, and the various physical properties were summarized.

张敏, 宋婷婷. 反钙钛矿结构镍基氮化物的研究进展[J]. 现代物理, 2017, 7(1): 1-7.


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